"The British Isles - for Isla"

"The British Isles - for Isla"

"The British Isles - for Isla"
Scalpel Paper-cut (creative cartography)
Approx. 50 x 60 cm
Date: September 2015

Comments: First birthday gift commission for a baby girl named Isla, hence the British Isles. The map design incorporates numerous references to ancient mythology and folklore, including:
the Irish Harp and Shamrock,
the Scottish Unicorn,
Stag and Thistle,
the English Tudor Rose and Lion,
the Welsh Leek, Daffodil and Dragon,
Robin Hood,
Crop Circles,
the Green Man,
the Lady of the Lake (grasping the sword),
the Isle of Mann,
Moon Gazing Hare,
Goddess Brigid (playing the Harp),
a pair of Ravens,
an ancient Pictish spiral Symbol.