He Who Laughs Last (Lenny Henry)

He Who Laughs Last (Lenny Henry)

Title: He Who Laughs Last (Lenny Henry)
Medium: Acrylic on gold paper.
Dimensions: Approximately 64 x 52 cm.
Date: April 27th 2014. Completed within 2 and a half hours.

On Sunday, 27th April 2014, Lois Cordelia took part in the year-long visual arts project Two Thousand and Fourteen:

"On each day of the year, a different visual practitioner will create a new piece of 2D work interpreting an event that has been broadcast in the news that particular day. Each day, the new work will be uploaded on to the project website and posted to a linked twitter account by 9pm each evening. In the process developing a collection of 365 new works together creating a narrative for the year 2014 based on reported events."

Lois Cordelia chose as her stimulus the April 27th news report that UKIP has been embroiled in fresh allegations of racism after one of its candidates, William Henwood, posted a twitter message suggesting that comedian and actor Lenny Henry "should emigrate to a black country" and "does not have to live with whites". Lois therefore decided to paint a triple portrait of Henry, evoking both the serious and lighthearted sides of his character, using every colour except black. She completed the portrait within the space of two and a half hours, and entitled it: He Who Laughs Last.