Loïs Cordelia | Links
Links to the websites of fellow artists:
illustrators, painters, photographers, musicians, family and friends
Painting in Oils, Acrylics, and Watercolours
Atmospheric watercolour landscapes by
Surrey-based artist Jane Anderson Wood.
Expressive landscapes in acrylics and watercolours by
Surrey-based artist Chris Forsey.
Professional portraits and landscapes in oils by
London-based artist, Paul Wuensche.
Powerful, vibrant, innovative paintings and portraits by
London-based artist and I-pad painter Edward Ofosu.
Thought-provoking conceptual art and figurative works by
Surrey-based artist and teacher Eric Barfield.
Oil paintings by my late Grandfather, Douglas Osborne (1911 - 2012),
who only began painting when he retired, aged seventy, and continued
painting until shortly before he died, aged 101.

Multi-Media Artists
Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme) is a London based artist, writer and musician, who celebrates uniqueness and diversity, questioning and mystery, wonder and discovery.
Drawings, Graphics, Design and Illustration
Much loved children's book illustrations and designs by
London-based artist and illustrator Jan Pienkowski.
Mind-blowing detail and brilliant wit by freelance
Essex-based illustrator Colin McAllister, aka Snublic. Must see!
Meticulously detailed pencil drawings of animals and pets by
Suffolk-based artist Frances Vincent.

Powerful, evocative portraits of children and adults by
London-based artist Elizabeth Power.
Professional, creative, contemporary wedding photography for East Anglia
by my brother and sister-in-law, Dave and Manda, aka Hello Romance.
Dramatic portraits and urban imagery by talented
Suffolk-based photographer and platinum printer Ian Swann.
Superbly atmospheric, delicate, sensitive floral and nature studies by
Suffolk-based photographer Tom Holden.
Stunning and inspiring nature photography by
Suffolk-based photographer Marisa Dunn.
Brilliant, creative, intergalactically themed Progressive Hard Rock by
Suffolk-based trio HABU.
Drums, Sticks, Cymbals, Percussion and Advice,
brought to you by Martin Webb, aka Webby the Drum-Doctor.