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Client Reviews on MyArtBrief

"I cannot recommend Lois highly enough. From the beginning the communication has been stellar, and Lois kept me up-to-date on the progress, which was wonderful as this was my first ever art commission. Lois fulfilled the brief better than I could have ever imagined. The finished painting left me awestruck, and struggling to appropriately convey how much we love and appreciate it. I would recommend Lois everyone who wants an exemplary piece of art from someone who very clearly has a deep love for what they do." - Aaron,, October 2021

"What a fabulous Artist!! I absolutely adore the art work and it was exactly what we wanted, beautifully drawn and such and easy interaction with the artist and felt easy to discuss or change details and to explain. Thank you so much!" - Chloe,, October 2021

"Lois is delightful to work with and her interpretation of all three of my briefs has been spot on every time, simply wonderful." - Andrew, October 2021

"I'm absolutely delighted with the work that Lois has created. Going into this process, I was never sure what to expect, with it being the first painting I've briefed, but Lois has been amazing throughout. From the initial conversations, through to the final piece being delivered, she's been faultless. Never did I imagine that my idea could've been brought to life as well as it has and the style in which it's been captured / created is perfect. Anyone who is seriously considering commissioning a painting should contact Lois; as she has far and away exceeded my expectations. Thanks Lois." - Ryan,, July 2020

"Lois has been incredible from beginning to end. Perfect in all aspects and we love the end result! Would certainly recommend." - Samuel,, May 2020

Excerpts from Exhibition Visitors' Books, 2002 - Present

"Lois is ... a super-energised and totally committed tutor.  Amazingly encouraging."


"Amazing artist- such beautiful work. Demonstrations have to be seen - spectacular to watch."

"Fantastic and unique, far and away the most creative collection I have seen."


"Refreshing to see such beauty in our fragmented digital age!"


"Your work puts one in a different world."


"Wonderful. ... I keep coming back to marvel again."


"Excellent work - a wonderful combination and contrast. Also great to meet someone so eloquent about their work."


"Breathtaking - so clever."


"Your paper-cutting is exquisite, precise and almost regimented, while your speed painting appears wild, unruly and free. Yet you deliver both with such an emotional grace, it really is staggering."


"I came, I saw, I am impressed."


"Lois is an exceptional person - empathetic, caring and deeply compassionate. Her exuberant artistic style reflects her love of people, of colour and of life in all its diversity. Her papercuts are intricate, highly skilled and exquisite, while her flamboyant use of acrylics for speed painting and portraiture is striking and enables her to communicate a sense of the energy and inner life of her subjects. Underpinning everything is an emblematic celebration of hope, joy of freedom and creation."

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