*** N.B. Most 2020 public art trails have been postponed until 2021, due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Thank you for your patience! ***

Lois's art has featured in public art trails across the UK, including many designs for Wild in Art and similar schemes. Since 2016, the combined sales of Lois's public art pieces, handmade miniature replicas and silent auctions have raised more than £80,000 pounds for numerous charities.
Foreverland (Stowmarket Library Garden Mural Project)Suffragette Octopus ("Autograph"), Octopus Ahoy, TendringInk and Wash ("Ellie"), Octopus Ahoy, TendringA Transport of Delight, Big Trunk Trail, LutonWonderland (Hares About Town, Southend)Seasons of Life, Paydens, MaidstoneHeart of the Garden (Leeds Castle, Maidstone)Time to Sit and Reflect BookBench, King's Lynn 2021Otterworldly (Moor Otters, Dartmoor National Park)Through Artists' Eyes (Elmer at the Elephant, Elephant and Castle)Leo-nardo (Lions of Windsor)We Are All Connected (Go Wild Gorillas, Jersey)Dance in the Rain (Oor Wullie's Big Bucket Trail, Edinburgh)Wullie Gone Wild (Oor Wullie's Big Bucket Trail, Edinburgh)Hope (Elmer's Big Parade, Ipswich Suffolk)E=MC2 (Elmer = Multi Coloured Squares, Ipswich)11 Pipers Piping (Walking with the Snowman, MediaCityUK)'Goldie' (Snowdogs Discover Ashford, Kent 2018)Lest We Forget the War Dogs (1918-2018) for Snowdogs Discover AshfordImagination Can Take You Anywhere (Bangers & Cash Sheffield to Monte Carlo Art Rally) 2018Green Man of Sherwood Forest (Hoodwinked 2018, Nottingham)Bee-You-ti-ful (Bee in the City, Manchester)HerschOwl (Minerva's Owls of Bath 2018)The Green Man (made of discarded plastic straws, The Akeman Pub, Tring)Once Upon A Fairytale (Let's Go Quackers, Ironbridge) 2018Poor Powder Monkeys (Portsmouth Historic Dockyard)Elmer: Imagination Can Take You AnywhereTaj Mahal by Sun and Moon (The Big Sleuth)Look Upon Verdure (Sitting With Jane) BookBenchGrand Norwich Duck RacePig-geswyk (Pigs Gone Wild)