Loïs Cordelia | Personalised Gift Commissions

Commission Loïs Cordelia to design and create a unique personalised gift for your loved one, to commemorate a wedding, birthday, christening, or special occasion.

A delicate cut-paper design is the perfect gift for a first wedding anniversary, as the traditional gift is paper. Loïs can incorporate names, dates, or a meaningful quotation, woven into the design.

Points to consider: approximate deadline, dimensions, framed or unframed, colour or black and white, any particular imagery or symbols (e.g. animals, human figures, architecture, flowers, costumes, accessories, maps, etc), any text, names, dates to include, and your approximate budget, if you have one in mind. Have a look through the existing portfolio, to see if anything springs to mind, and if not, then Loïs will be happy to make some suggestions!

Please contact Loïs for further information and to discuss your ideas.

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Personalised Birthday papercut gift commissionGlobe of Unity - Circle Dance