Chiaroscuro solo exhibition, Fine Arts Library, Edinburgh, Jan 2007

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Before leaving Edinburgh in Spring 2007, Lois Cordelia presented Chiaroscuro (Italian: "light-dark"), a third solo art exhibition of works in various media, including bold graphic designs created in the cut-paper silhouette medium, exploring the expressive potential of accentuating the contrast of light and dark.

Phoenix RisingPhoenix RisingMedium: Silhouette paper-cut. Cut by hand using a scalpel.

Dimensions: Approximately A4. 297 x 210 mm

Date: Autumn 2006

From imagination.

The phoenix is the mythical bird that periodically burns itself to death
on its own funeral pyre before rising rejuvenated from the ashes. It may
symbolise the immortal human soul, constantly reborn.

Please contact Lois to purchase prints, or to commission similar work.

Price: SOLD. In a private collection in London, England.


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