Sanctuary for Art, Bacchus Barn, Lawshall, September 2009

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Displayed within the atmospheric yet homely setting of Bacchus Barn, Lawshall, Suffolk, the exhibition Sanctuary 4 Art featured a number of silhouette paper-cuts and plaster mod-roc sculptures by Lois Cordelia, along with works by David Leeming, Tilly Taylor-Levy and Lizzy Hall.
Silhouette Paper-Cuts
Balancing the blade's precision with free-flowing designs, I cut spirited paper 'silhouettes' using a scalpel. The finished piece may be an intricate web of fine, interconnected paper strands, or a sturdier, partially three-dimensional 'paper sculpture'.
Mixed-Media Sculptures
Using various thicknesses of wire, I create a sturdy 'skeleton', which is then gradually overlaid or draped with strips of plaster bandage ('Mod-Roc'). The plaster sets very soon after being moistened with water, lending itself well to a flowing, spontaneous approach to sculpting. More detailed parts of the sculpture may be modelled out of the plastic-based 'Fimo', which hardens after being oven-baked. The resulting mixed-media structure may be painted or left plain.
Born 1982 in Ipswich, I attended Northgate High School, where my A-level Art teacher Mr Emery was a great inspiration, always challenging me with new ideas. I have also spent long periods working in London with artist and illustrator Jan Pienkowski, whose books for children often feature silhouettes.
Since graduating from Edinburgh University in 2006 with a first degree in Arabic, I have focussed on solo mixed-media visual art exhibitions, 'open studio' events, commissions, and children’s book illustrations. My apparently unrelated degree subject has given me a refreshing angle on art, hence I am currently exploring the expressive visual potential of Arabic script.
Loïs Cordelia Bülow-Osborne, August 2009



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