Lions, Lilies and the Mona Lisa: #Leonardo500

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A pride of more than 45 majestic lions is arriving in Windsor, UK, next month: from 10th August to 28th October 2019, the Lions of Windsor & Maidenhead art trail will feature individually decorated, super-sized lion sculptures displayed across the Royal Borough, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria and raising funds for local charities.

Ipswich community artist Lois Cordelia is very excited to have had her Leonardo da Vinci inspired design selected for the Lions of Windsor art trail, and is looking forward to bringing her lion Leo-nardo to life next week (29th - 31st July), speed-painting live outside the premises of the Cosmetic Doctor Clinic (2 Curfew Yard, Thames Street, Windsor, SL4 1SN) who have generously sponsored the design for the trail. Lois welcomes an audience while she paints, so don't be shy - come and watch work in progress at 2 Curfew Yard during the following times (N.B. these timings are approximate and may be subject to slight alteration): Monday 29th July 1.00 pm onwards, Tuesday 30th July 9.30 am - 11.30 am, Wednesday 31st July 10.00 - 2.00 pm.

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What links Lions, Lilies and the Mona Lisa?

2019 marks 500 years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci, best known as an artist, though equally as accomplished in the sciences, music, mathematics, engineering, anatomy, astronomy, and so on. Remarkably, Leonardo created at least two animatronic robotic lions in the early 1500s, which moved, walked, and opened up to reveal lilies inside.

The King of France was so impressed by Leonardo’s genius, he invited him to his court. Leonardo arrived by mule, bringing many paintings, including the Mona Lisa, which has remained in France ever since.

Lois's design references this episode and many more from Leonardo's life, illustrating scenes from his childhood, his love of birds, flying and nature, as well as some of his extraordinary inventions, which include the helicopter, parachute, bicycle, and countless others. The design also incorporates some hidden features and puzzles inspired by aspects of Leonardo da Vinci's life.

N.B. The full design cannot be revealed until the trail goes live on 10th August - watch this space! :-)

Below: Lois's speed-painterly re-interpretation of the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa

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Cosmetic Doctor Clinic are proud to be sponsoring Leo-nardo and hosting Lois and her lion as she speed-paints the design live outside Windsor's leading skin rejuvenation and aesthetic treatment clinic next week. Natallia of Cosmetic Doctor Clinic writes:

"Cosmetic Doctor Clinic is delighted to sponsor our magnificent LEO-NARDO as we strongly believe in kindness, love, and nobility. This is why we chose the lion which represents the man, who over the past 500 years continues to influence the world and emphasizes the beauty of humans, art and the Universe. Never formally educated, Leonardo had a witty intellect and passion for secrecy, harmony, and proportions.

"Let [yourself] be inspired by history and his works, Lois’s artistic interpretation and inventiveness in her painting of the lion and join in the fun by solving the secret puzzles incorporated into the design. We would love to see [you] participate in this celebration, come visit us, and support the worthy causes and the businesses of Windsor in making this a success."

Leo-nardo is Lois's 21st public art commission in 3 years. Leonardo da Vinci is also one of Lois's greatest heroes. She quotes his timeless wisdom about painting, proportions and art in almost every workshop she teaches: "Art is never finished. It is only abandoned."

Below: Lois's two miniature lion mascots Leonardo and Leopold look forward to watching Lois bring Leo-nardo to life. The heraldic lion pendant is exquisitely handmade by Of Cats and Wren Designs  - with many thanks :-) 

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