Art-Music-Photography, Buttermarket, Ipswich, Autumn 2010

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A number of silhouette paper-cuts by Lois Cordelia were featured as part of A.M.P. (Art-Music-Photography), hosted by Alex Body, at the Buttermarket Shopping Centre, Ipswich, during August and September 2010. Lois also demonstrated her paper-cutting art techniques on the following dates: Sat 7th August (10am-5pm), Sat 14th August (10am-5pm), Monday 23rd August (11am-1pm), Sat 4th September (11am-5pm).
Dragon FlyDragon FlyDragon Fly

Medium: Silhouette paper-cut. Cut by hand using a scalpel.

Dimensions: Unframed size: 15 x 10 x 5 cm.

Date: July 2010

From imagination.

Silhouette paper cut in iridescent gold card, suspended over blue holographic foil. Cut by hand using a scalpel.

In many cultures, the dragonfly is considered a symbol of self realisation. Like the human soul, it undergoes metamorphoses, hatching out of an egg, spending most of its life in the humble earthbound state of a 'nymph', before earning the right to transform itself into a powerful and stunningly beautiful winged creature that rivals the hummingbird or the helicopter in its aerial agility. The adult insect's iridescence also symbolically suggests enlightenment and the ability to cast off illusions and self-doubts.

The dragonfly's narrow streamlined body echoes the vertebral column of the human spine, through which the “dragon” of the kundalini energy must “fly” towards the heights of self realisation, hence the series of starry shapes in this paper-cut to symbolise the seven chakras.

Price: £SOLD. In a private collection in Bury St Edmunds, England.


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