Suffolk Open Studios - Open Weekends, June 2010

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"A chance to see how the artist works. SOS (Suffolk Open Studios) members invite you to visit them in their studios, giving you the opportunity to see the creative process, discuss the artist’s motivation and ask questions. There will be work in progress, as well as finished, some of which may be for sale, though there is no pressure to buy."
Comments from visitors to Open Studio Weekends June 2010:
"Refreshing to see such beauty in our fragmented digital age!"
"As always I am in awe of your endless patience and elegant designs."
"What an amazing gift you have for bringing to life what are essentially just plain materials. The composition, the flow, the movement, the soul in all your pieces are outstanding."
"Lovely to see your Islamic calligraphy being used with your unique style and technique."
"What a wonderful special place and what fantastic inspirational work."
"Even more wonders to see!"
"Fantastic! Awe-inspiring! Inspires the mind! Keep it up!"
"Wonderful surprise of art!"
"I came away feeling really inspired."
"Amazing works, so different from one another, as if from different artists."
"Very talented artist who deserves wide recognition."


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