Kesgrave Arts, Suffolk, September - October 2010

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Seven silhouette paper-cuts by Lois Cordelia were featured as part of "FIELDS OF JOY" at Kesgrave Arts, (as part of Suffolk Open Studios), 3rd September - 4th October 2010.

Unfurling FrondsUnfurling Fronds'Unfurling Fronds' features layers of cut paper: swirling curves of gold are superimposed over a dark, shadowy feminine form that rises up behind them. The piece evokes the Norse Goddess Freya, goddess of spring, immanent in Nature. Silent, dark, hidden just behind the fabric of creation, she presides over the unfurling fronds of life's processes. According to the ancient philosophy of yin and yang, it is the feminine principle that is dark. In the Jewish scriptures, we read: Dark Am I Yet Lovely (Song of Songs). Hence, the Goddess is 'dark', playing hide-and-seek behind the veils of illusion, seen only by the light which defines her.

Unfurling Fronds

Medium: Silhouette paper-cut. Cut by hand using a scalpel.

Dimensions: Unframed: 18 x 15 cm

Date: August 2010

From imagination. To evoke the Goddess immanent in Nature.

Price: £SOLD. In a private collection.


Medium: Silhouette paper-cut. Cut by hand using a scalpel.

Dimensions: Approximately A3. 420 x 297 mm

Date: March 2008

From imagination.

Samson's great physical strength lay in his long hair. He became weak
when his head was shaved while he slept. But his hair grew back, and one last
time he prayed to God to renew his strength so he could avenge himself on
his enemies. Leaning against the pillars of their temple, he brought it
crashing down upon them all, killing himself in the process.

The image is strongly inspired by the Rastafarian tradition. Hence I have
depicted the hair as matted locks or roots that connect him back to the
energies of Mother Earth.

Please contact Lois to purchase prints, or to commission similar work.

Price: £SOLD. In a private collection in Ipswich, England.


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