Exhibiting at Tymperleys and Level Best, Colchester, with CO3 Artists

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Alongside other members of the CO3 Artists group (CO3 Art Gallery), Lois Cordelia will exhibit a number of works at two Colchester town centre venues in June and July 2016.

Lois is currently exhibiting (June - July 2016) alongside fellow CO3 Artists Michele Webber (watercolours) and Colin McAllister (Snublic Drawings) at the beautiful and much renowned Tudor period Tymperleys Tea Rooms (open daily, 10.00 am - 5.00 pm, 01206 765034
[email protected]), on Trinity Street: "Step through the archway into an oasis of calm in the heart of Colchester." Why not drop by for an afternoon tea and refreshments at Tymperleys, and see some beautiful artwork up close.

Dance of the Veils (Flamenco Dancer)Dance of the Veils (Flamenco Dancer)Medium: Scalpel paper-cut
Dimensions: Approx 55 x 40 cm
Date: April 2016

Tree of LifeTree of LifeMedium: Drawing, coloured digitally.

Dimensions of original drawing: Approximately A3. 420 x 297 mm

Date: Summer 2006

From imagination.

Inspired by the powerful biblical symbol of the Tree of Life, whose roots are in the highest heavens, and whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. Energies flow down through the Tree's roots, trunk, branches and leaves. In this way, the all-consuming, unimaginable, terrifying energy of the Divine is transformed into the healing and beneficial forces that sustain our world.

Price: Prints available on request (various sizes and costs). Please contact Lois for further details.

The following poem is reproduced here with kind permission from the poet, Philip Young:

Love the trees

I am love.
I love trees.
I create them with many roots extending through the soil.
And many branches providing flowers and fruit.
They provide homes for the animals and birds.
And shade for everyone.
Try to be like the trees
Grow roots downwards firmly linking yourselves to the soil.
Grow branches upwards reaching to the sky and to the heavens.
You too can produce much fruit
And be a blessing to the earth.
I will love you for this.

© Philip Young

Woodland SunburstWoodland SunburstWoodland Sunburst

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Dimensions: Approximately A2. 594 x 420 mm.

Date: December 2010

From imagination. To evoke dappled sunlight filtering through a woodland.

This painting was the inspiration for poet Marion Hartmann's German poem, below. An Englishverse translation by John Bülow-Osborne follows. Reproduced with kind permission of both poets.


Wo Licht und Farben sich in Seelentiefen finden,
und sich mit Menschenträumen ewig binden,
wo sich die Hoffnung stark hinzu gesellt,
dort tritt ein Werk nach außen in die Welt.
Nun will es dort im Menschen webend leben,
will Zukunftsängste tilgen, Stärke geben,
will am Betrachter hängend mit ihm gehen,
und fest als Seelenbildnis bei ihm stehen.

Marion Hartmann


Soul-deep, multi-coloured beams,
find their home in mankind's dreams,
driving sombre clouds apart
heralding this work of art.

It occupies the mind for long,
dispelling worries, making strong,
Guarding, guiding, making whole,
residing in a peaceful soul.

(John Bülow-Osborne)

Just across the road, you can also see some more examples of Lois' work hanging in the stairwell at Tindalls art shop (25 Trinity Street), including her recent "Warrior Queen (Boudicca)" painting, and also her interpretation of Trinity Street itself.

You also have another chance to see the work of a number of the CO3 Artists, including Maggie Harling, Colin McAllister, Michele Webber, Elena Fleury-Rojo, Angella Horner, and Lois Cordelia, at the CO3 Art Exhibition at the Level Best Art Cafe (Dacon Trust), D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East, Colchester, Essex C01 1LD. The exhibition runs from Monday 27th June until Thursday 21st July, with a Preview Evening (all welcome!) on Friday 24th June (6.00 - 8.00 pm).

Taj MahalTaj MahalAcrylic on cartographic design print.
40 x 40 cm
Completed within 25 minutes as part of a live speed-acrylics painting demo at Tindalls Colchester, on 21st May 2016

Price: SOLD. In a private collection

Wisteria ArchWisteria ArchPalette knife painting, completed in about 40 minutes, as part of a live art demo, at Tindalls, Colchester, 23rd December 2015.

Level Best Art Cafe,
D'arcy House, 3 Culver Street East
Colchester, Essex C01 1LD

01206 366 059
[email protected]





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