Pig-geswyk unveiled! Pigs Gone Wild trail goes live

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Monday 27th June 2016 sees the launch of the "Pigs Gone Wild" trail across Ipswich and Suffolk. Lois Cordelia's pig "Pig-geswyk" has finally been unveiled, and is now in situ, outside the Willis Coroon office building in the centre of Ipswich, where she will remain on public display until 2nd September. Pig-geswyk hopes you'll come and visit her soon!

Above: Lois Cordelia unveils "Pig-geswyk" at Ipswich Central's pig launch, Thursday 16th June 2016, at BodyCarePlus, Ipswich. Photograph: Warren Page, PagePix, used with kind permission.

Above: Pig-geswyk admires her own glowing golden reflection in the dark glass reflective mirror of the Willis Coroon office building.

The design was chosen to be sponsored for the Pigs Gone Wild trail by Ipswich Central, as it fits perfectly with their ethos of working to ensure a strong and prosperous future for Ipswich town centre, through promoting its history and heritage, but also enhancing its contemporary image.

Lois named her pig "Pig-geswyk", which is a reference to the Medieval name of her hometown, Ipswich, "Gip-peswyk" ('place' or 'market' of the River Gipping). The design features two of her favourite Ipswich townscapes: the elegant and historic facade of the Elizabethan Christchurch Mansion on one side, and the stylish contemporary Ipswich Waterfront (including the UCS Waterfront building and the marina) on the other.
Photograph: Warren Page, PagePix, used with kind permission.


Pigs Gone Wild Prize Draw: Luxury Family Holiday at Woodfarm Barns, Suffolk

How many pigs have you spotted? Everyone who completes the Pigs Gone Wild trail by visiting every one of the 39 pigs will be entered into a prize draw to win a fantastic prize: a 4-day luxury family holiday break at the stunning Woodfarm Barns (see photos below), near the village of Stonham Aspal in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

The 500 year old thatched holiday cottage features a large lounge and open fire, 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, a farmhouse kitchen, dining room, large garden and kitchen garden. The venue is also very dog-friendly! For full details, please visit: https://woodfarmbarns.com/pigs-gone-wild-suffolk/

"A Brush with a Pig" - the Story of Pig-geswyk, in video and timelapse

Lois painted her pig as part of a public live art demo, on the 18th and 19th of May 2016, welcoming dozens of visitors of all ages while she painted and talked about her pig design. The live painting demo was kindly hosted Anna Matthews and her team at La Tour Cycle Cafe, located in Tower Street, in the heart of Ipswich town centre.

Video credits: DaveBulow Photography

Below: 5 Minute video - "A Brush with a Pig" - the story of Pig-geswyk

A Brush with a Pig - The Story of Pig-geswyk Below: "A Brush with a Pig - in Timelapse"
Timelapse: A Brush with a Pig

Below: A brief glimpse of work in progress, adding a subtle reference to the La Tour Cycle Cafe :-) Film footage by Dave Bulow Photography, May 2016.
Painting a Bicycle leaning against the Christchurch Mansion

From the Pigs Gone Wild website:

"St Elizabeth Hospice has teamed up with Wild in Art to stage Suffolk’s biggest ever mass-participation, public art event – Pigs Gone Wild.

"The interactive sculpture trail will feature more than 40 pigs across Ipswich and beyond. This summer, from 27 June to 2 September, you will be able to follow the trail, collect points with our Pigs Gone Wild app and to try to see as many of the sculptures as possible.

"The pigs, beautifully decorated by artists and generously sponsored by local businesses, will be on show for 10 weeks this summer. They will be joined by a sounder of junior pig sculptures designed by local school children and teachers, which will appear in litters across the town.

"After you have enjoyed Pigs Gone Wild during its 10-week extravaganza, the large pig sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for St Elizabeth Hospice."




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